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    Nick Troiano is a civic entrepreneur based in Denver, CO. Since 2016, he has served as Executive Director of Unite America, a national organization that aims to bridge the partisan divide by enacting structural political reforms and electing candidates who put people over party.


    Nick is active in leading efforts and supporting organizations that are aimed at strengthening American democracy and tackling our country's most pressing challenges. Previously, Nick worked for Change.org on Change Politics – a non-partisan platform that empowers citizens to make informed decisions on Election Day. In 2016, he was named to the "Forbes 30 Under 30" for Law & Policy.


    Nick ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2014 from Pennsylvania’s 10th District and drew national attention as both the youngest candidate and the most successful independent of the cycle, garnering over 22,000 votes. In 2012, Nick co-founded The Can Kicks Back campaign to advocate for bipartisan policies to reduce the national debt and was instrumental in the introduction of the INFORM Act to increase transparency in the federal budget. He also served as National Campus Director for Americans Elect where he organized and supported student groups at over 300 colleges nationwide.


    Nick earned a Master’s degree in American Government from Georgetown University, where he completed his undergraduate studies with honors and championed the creation of a $1 million Social Innovation and Public Service Fund. He has spoken on the topics of civic engagement, political reform, and fiscal issues to dozens of groups across the country, including along three national bus tours that collectively visited over 40 states. Nick has also provided commentary to a range of television, radio, and print media outlets and is featured in three documentaries, Follow the Leader (PBS), Broken Eggs, and Unrepresented.


    In his spare time, Nick enjoys hiking, photography, and travel.

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  • Unite America

    A movement to bridge the partisan divide.

    Nick Troiano on Morning Joe

    Nick discusses his op-ed in The Hill on how a record number of Americans desire a third party (62%) and ways to level the playing field.

    Podcast: Reforms to Fix Politics

    On the Matt Lewis and The News podcast, Nick explains Unite America's strategy to support nonpartisan election political reforms.

    State of Democracy

    This report summarizes the impact and status of four key structural political reforms.

    Case for Political Philanthropy

    This 2020 report makes the case for philanthropic investment in democracy reform.

    2018 Recap

    In 2018, Unite America was focused on electing independent candidates to office. We endorsed 30 candidates for state and federal legislature.

    Read our full organizational recap report here, and our 100-page election debrief here.

    Interview on C-SPAN

    Nick explained Unite America's 2018 strategy to elect independent candidates to office.

  • Op-Eds

    A highlight of some recent writings.

    September 25, 2020

    The time for reform is now. What hangs in the balance is not a single Supreme Court seat, but the legitimacy of our entire experiment of democratic self-governance.

    May 29, 2020

    The best way out of our current crisis is to simultaneously help prevent the next one –– by improving our democracy and fostering a much healthier body politic.

    January 27, 2019

    Howard Schultz’s candidacy could catalyze a new movement focused on fixing our broken political system — including advancing reforms, such as ranked-choice voting, that would permanently level the playing field for new competition.

    January 17, 2019

    History calls for a new unity ticket in 2020 –– one that pledges to make reforming our broken political system a top priority in its new administration.

    November 6, 2018

    We cannot and should not go one more election where the outcome brings a swing to our politics rather than a solution to our problems.

    March 1, 2018

    The politics industry is ripe for disruption and innovation, and a new startup — Unite America — is ready to bring it by recruiting and electing common-sense, independent candidates to office.

    April 27, 2017

    Macron's success offers hope that leaders can channel the electorate's anti-establishment anger in a way that unites rather than divides people across partisan and cultural lines.

  • TV & Documentaries

    Highlighted television interviews.

    Troiano on A Plus

    Topic: 2020 Election Integrity

    Troiano on Fox Business

    Topic: Howard Schultz's potential candidacy.

    Troiano on MSNBC

    Topic: Nick's Congressional campaign.

    Troiano on PBS' The Open Mind

    Topic: Reclaiming the political center.

    Troiano on Fox News

    Topic: The national debt & The Can Kicks Back.

    Documentary: Unrepresented

    Nick's work on democracy reform was featured in this film about our broken political system.

    Documentary: Broken Eggs

    Nick's work on fiscal reform was featured in this film about America's looming retirement crisis.

  • Speaking

    Highlighted speeches and talks.

    "Be Kind to Others"

    Nick delivered these remarks upon his honorary induction to the Delaware Valley High School chapter of Rho Kappa (2019).

    Panel: Political Trends in CO

    Nick participated in the opening panel at "The Energy Summit" to discuss political trends in the state of Colorado (2019).

    Talk at "Unrig the System"

    Nick makes the case for independent leadership in this short "spark" talk.


    Nick's TEDx talk on "The Internet and 21st Century Democracy" (2011). You can also watch's Nick's TEDxHendrixCollege talk on "Politics and the Common Good."

    Delaware Valley Commencement

    Nick's high school commencement speech as student body president (2007).

  • Change Politics

    Change Politics is a non-partisan platform that empowers voters to make informed decisions on Election Day.

    Voting Made Simple

    We produced an animated, overview video to announce the new platform in January 2016.

    Online Town Hall

    We partnered with the Des Moines Register to host the first-ever online, crowdsourced Q&A town hall with the 2016 presidential candidates.

    Colorado Partnership

    We partnered with 9News/KUSA in Colorado to promote our personalized ballot guide to their viewers ahead of their June primary election.


    We hired "street teams" in Cleveland & Philadelphia to spread the word about our #VoteLocal campaign at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

  • Congressional Campaign

    Nick Troiano ran an independent, citizen-funded campaign for U.S. House of Representatives in Pennsylvania's 10th District in 2014.

    Campaign Recap

    • Won 22,691 votes (13%) – the highest of any independent U.S. House candidate running in a three-way race
    • Raised $167,893 from nearly 1,000 supporters – without accepting a dime from any PAC, lobbyist, union, or corporation
    • Collected 7,053 signatures to become the first independent in PA-10's history
    • Garnered over 250 press hits – including profiles in National Journal and Washington Post
    • Secured 21 endorsements from Mayors – from both parties and 11 different counties

    Watch the campaign's introductory video here

    Campaign Press & Letters

    Selected press:

    10th District Debate

    Pocono Record: "Incumbent Congressman Tom Marino easily lost the debate. The winner was probably Troiano, although Brion too gave a strong performance."

  • The Can Kicks Back

    From 2012-2015, The Can Kicks Back engaged young Americans and elected officials to "stop kicking the can down the road" on addressing our national debt.

    About the Campaign

    The Can Kicks Back was formed in 2012 to advocate for policies to reduce our long-term deficits in a bold, generationally balanced, and bipartisan way. Our Advisory Board included the co-chairs of the 2010 fiscal commission, Erskine Bowles and former Senator Alan Simspon. The above video introduced the campaign and quickly went viral. Read our 2013 Annual Report.

    Generational Equity Tour

    The generational equity tour was a five-week, cross-country series of events organized with over 70 partner organizations on 20 college campuses –– featuring our mascot, AmeriCAN. At the tour's conclusion, more than 800 messages on tin cans were delivered to Congressional offices on Capitol Hill. See the tour's blog.

    INFORM Act

    The Intergenerational Financial Obligations Reform Act (INFORM Act) is a bipartisan bill, whose introduction was championed by The Can Kicks Back, to increase transparency in the federal budget. The INFORM Act has been endorsed by over 1,000 economists, including more than a dozen Nobel Laureates. Learn more.

    "Swindled" Report

    In 2013, The Can Kicks Back released a report called "Swindled: How The Millenial Generation Will Pay the Price of Washington's Paralysis." It analyzed the effect our nation's unaddressed fiscal challenges will have on the millennial generation. The report also examines the fiscal gap: an estimate of the unfunded responsibilities that must be paid by future generations.

  • Media

    Short films Nick produced.

    We the People

    A 2010 documentary Nick co-produced, shot, and edited with Doug Bailey for Americans Elect.

    Controversy on the Delaware

    A 2006 documentary Nick hosted & co-produced about the failed "Tocks Island" dam project (2006).

    Buried in History

    A 2010 documentary Nick edited & co-produced about buried weapons in Washington, DC.

    One Year in Washington

    A 2011 video Nick co-produced for Americans Elect, using photography from a time-lapse photography project he ran for four years.

  • Research

    Nick's Master's thesis on the under-representation of young Americans in the United States Congress, and its implications for American democracy.

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