Sick of politics as usual?

Thank You

Friends – thank you for your generous support of my independent, citizen-funded campaign to challenge politics as usual. While we did not win, we certainly did not lose. We succeeded in holding the incumbent accountable, putting new ideas on the table, and bringing new people into the political process.

Ultimately, over 22,000 Democrats, Republicans and independent united behind our campaign to declare that America deserves better. This campaign may be over for now, but the cause of political and fiscal reform continues on. This site will remain as an archive of our work together. To keep up in touch and up to speed, please visit or follow me on Facebook and Twitter.


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Learn more about the bipartisan group local and national leaders who are supporting Nick’s independent Congressional campaign.

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About Nick

Nick Troiano is running as an independent, citizen-funded candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Pennsylvania's 10th Congressional District. Learn more.

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Check out the issues that Nick Troiano says Washington must focus on in order improve our own lives and those of generations to come.

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